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Trinity is an Episcopal Church in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. What does that mean?

It means that our liturgy (worship style) is rooted in the ancient traditions of the church. We chant our prayers, use incense, bells, and colorful vestments, observe the Holy Days in our church calendar and enjoy beautiful choral music.

But most of all, we believe that Jesus is found in the Bread and Wine at Communion, as well as among the people, especially the poor and vulnerable.


Trinity is a community. As a community we pray and study scripture together. We learn, and grow, and play together. We celebrate and eat together.  A lot.  We support and care for one another, and we share the love of Jesus with each other.

As followers of Jesus' Way of Love, we are committed to social, racial, and economic justice. The Trinity community has been active in supporting LGBTQ+ rights, raising the minimum wage in Missouri, advocating for access to affordable health care, and proclaiming that Black Lives Matter.

We also value and cherish fellowship with one another by way of knitting groups, film and book clubs, theology on tap, young families groups, and so much more. 

Food Ministry

Founded 50 years ago, the mission of Trinity Food Ministry is to be as Christ in the midst of the people. When we do this for the “least of these” so we do it for Christ. We offer food to those who are hungry, give drink to those who thirst, offer basic clothes to those who are without, invite people to sit and rest, and tend to those who are sick. One of our primary concerns is that people do not have to choose food over other living expenses.

In 2019, we provided groceries for 9500 individuals, which equals 3800 Households. We served 7500 meals on week days. Our Sunday Hot Lunch, every Sunday 52 weeks each year, we served more than 4600 people.

People trust us to love them. In return, we are loved.

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