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Trinity is a progressive Episcopal Church where our commitment to the radical gospel of Christ calls us to worship God, welcome the seeker, sustain the faithful, and serve those in need.

Trinity is an Episcopal Church founded in 1855 and as you can imagine, our parish has been through a lot in over 150 years. Trinity has worshiped in at least four different locations during its history but now resides at the intersection of Euclid and Washington in St. Louis' Central West End Neighborhood and seeks to not simply inhabit space but help create a more beloved community both inside and outside the church walls. 

Trinity is an Anglo-Catholic parish, which means our worship style is rooted in the ancient traditions of the Church. On Sundays mornings, we chant, burn incense, and bow to the Holy Mystery that is known to us in Jesus Christ and the breaking of the bread. Sometimes we're called "high church," but that doesn't mean we're stuffy, exclusive, or elite. All are invited to worship, and all find a seat at God's table. 

Trinity is a community of imperfect people seeking to follow Jesus and make God's love real in the world. We come from a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences, but we are united by the same Holy Spirit who lives within our hearts and within our neighbors. 

Trinity is a neighborhood parish rooted in its geographical context. We consider everyone who lives within the neighborhoods connected to Trinity as Trinity parishioners, even if they never go to church. This means that we are committed to the spiritual, physical, and social well-being of the neighborhood and are intentional about building relationships with the people and institutions located near by. 

Trinity is committed to the radical Gospel of Jesus Christ. This commitment compels us into the world to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. Some of the ways we do that is by creating spaces of inclusion, advocating for marriage equality, standing in solidarity with workers demanding a fair wage, and doing our best to dismantle white supremacy in all its sundry forms. 

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