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Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

- Acts 8:17

Confirmation is the religious rite in which baptized Christians make a mature and public declaration of their faith and receive the laying on of hands by the bishop.

Confirmation is the normative means through which Christians from other denominations join the Episcopal church, and also serves as an opportunity for young people to affirm and claim their faith. If you have already been confirmed in another Christian tradition but would like to officially join the Episcopal Church, you could be "received" rather than confirmed. However, the reception process is the same as the confirmation process. 

Confirmation classes are held every year during the season of Lent (late Winter/early Spring) and are required for those seeking confirmation. These classes are educational, spiritual, and formative.


Check the upcoming events tab to see if and when a confirmation class is comign up. 

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