The World Doesn't Make Sense.

We Can Figure It Out Together at



Need a break from a busy, 140-character life?


Tired of curating your perfect digital self?


Trying to make sense of the world?




For an hour each week, join your neighbors to sing together, pray together, listen, think and learn together.


It doesn't matter who you are, how perfect you are, and or when you last stepped foot in a church (if ever!).


The Table at Trinity is a welcoming and inclusive worship service that connects us with God and each other, and grounds us in a love greater than ourselves.


Experience warmth, community, and something out of the ordinary in a relaxed, yet spiritual atmosphere.


Join us at THE TABLE, Saturdays at 5 pm.  




What is The Table at Trinity? 

The Table forgoes Episcopal High Church elements of organ music, hymnals and vestments - instead, it embraces call-and-response singing, street clothes, and togetherness. It is called The Table because worshippers are at the Lord's Table symbolically and literally - the candlelit altar is moved to the floor of the church. Communion is offered but not mandatory. For those questioning, wondering, sampling, or seeking, The Table at Trinity is a good place to begin, demanding no prior knowledge or perfection.




Can I bring my children to The Table?

Absolutely! Children are always welcome and affirmed at The Table. There is even a "soft space" in the sanctuary especially designed for little worshippers with plenty of room for strollers.

What if I haven't been to church in a while, or ever?

No problem! No prior experience required. Our worship service is easy to follow (user friendly) and to participate in.

What should I wear to The Table?

Feel free to wear what's comfortable. See the pictures from the slideshow above.  The pastor sometimes wears a t-shirt, and so can you!

I'm not sure what I believe. Can I come to The Table?

Yes. We don't pass out theological or doctrinal quizzes, but if you're interested in learning about some of our core beliefs, check out the What We Believe page or stick around after the service for a conversation and coffee with the pastor. 

Can I take communion at The Table?

Yes. Every week at The Table we celebrate the Lord's Supper (also known as Communion, the Eucharist, and the Mass). In the Bread and the Wine, Christ is offered to us, and with Christ comes grace, love, and forgiveness. If that is what you seek, you are welcome to partake.

I am a member of the LGBTQ community.  Am I welcome at The Table?

Without a doubt. At The Table (and at Trinity), members of the LGBTQ community are welcomed, affirmed, supported, and celebrated.

More questions?

Reach out to our Pastor, Jon Stratton - or 314 361 4655.


Trinity is a progressive Episcopal Church where our commitment to the radical gospel of Christ calls us to worship God, welcome the seeker, sustain the faithful, and serve those in need.


600 N. Euclid Ave

St. Louis, MO 63108

314 361 4655

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