"Faith without works is dead."

- St. James' Letter (Sacred Scripture)

Christianity isn't just a Sunday morning activity, it is an every day calling that moves us to actions of love, service, and justice. Below are a few ways that the Trinity community makes the values of love real in the world. If you want more information about anything you see, contact our priest Father Jon.

Trinity Food Ministry

Founded 50 years ago, the mission of Trinity Food Ministry is to be as Christ in the midst of the people. When we do this for the “least of these” so we do it for Christ. We offer food to those who are hungry, give drink to those who thirst, offer basic clothes to those who are without, invite people to sit and rest, and tend to those who are sick. One of our primary concerns is that people do not have to choose food over other living expenses.

In 2019, we provided groceries for 9500 individuals, which equals 3800 Households. We served 7500 meals on week days. Our Sunday Hot Lunch, every Sunday 52 weeks each year, we served more than 4600 people.

People trust us to love them. In return, we are loved.

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The Deaconess Anne House Support Team

The Deaconess Anne House is a community of young adults living a semi-monastic life together and serving the St. Louis region through local not-for-profits.


Trinity is the home-base parish for the Deaconess Anne House, and Trinity parishioners support the DAH corps members in a variety ways during their year of service in St. Louis. DAH corps members also worship with Trinity regularly.

To learn more about The Deaconess Anne House visit www.esc-stl.org

Trinity Rapid Response Team

Trinity parishioners have been on the front lines fighting for and marching for social justice for many years. This has included advocating for marriage equality and the full inclusion of gay, trans, and queer folks in all aspects of religious, political, and community life; demanding a fair wage for workers; proclaiming the Gospel message that Black Lives Matter; working to provide fair and equitable access to health care; supporting women's rights as human rights; and so much more.

Trinity's rapid response team receives text notifications about marches, demonstrations, trips to the state capital, phone banking opportunities, etc. so that team members can show up and turn up when available.

If you'd like to join the rapid response team, simply text ACTION to 314 462 2069

Liturgical Service

Worship at Trinity is a community act that requires the gifts, talents, and time of many people. Lectors read scripture, thurifers swing around incense, intercessors lead the community in prayer, musicians sing in the choir, greeters welcome folks at the door, ushers deliver the gifts to the table, acolytes carry the cross, light torches, and ring bells, Eucharistic ministers help serve communion, and sacristans set up the holy space for worship.

Specially licensed lay ministers bring the Blessed Sacrament to folks who can't make it to church due to illness or disability.

Even though we are worshiping primarily on-line, Trinity still needs a variety of folks to help lead the community into worship. If you would like to read scripture, lead the intercessions, greet the community, or share a musical gift in our online virtual services, please click the button below to sign up.

Trinity Back to School Camp
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Each summer, Trinity organizes and hosts a back-to-school camp for grade school children in the parish and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Toward the end of a long summer break, campers receive a refresher courses on science, reading, art, drama, music, and more. And of course, everyone has a whole lot of fun in the process. At the end of the week, campers and parents enjoy a festive lunch, and all campers go home with a back-pack full of school supplies.

Campers and their families are not charged for the week of camp, thanks to the generosity of donors who give of their time and money to make this important ministry possible.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 made it unsafe to hold camp this year, but Trinity did distribute back -packs and school supplies. We look forward to next year, when it will hopefully be safe to gather for camp again.

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