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Fellowship at Trinity

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

- Matthew 18:20

Not only do we pray, learn, and worship together, we at Trinity also play, have fun, and hang out together. We are both a community and a family, and here's some of the things we do together. 

  • Softball: Each summer, Trinitarians form a softball team to compete in the Episcopal Church softball league. Our name is Holy Smokes, and although we might not be the best team on the field, we have the most fun. 

  • Knitters: The Holy Yarn knitting group gets together on Sundays after church to create beautiful hand made goods and enjoy each other's company. Many of the things they make are donated to folks going through difficult circumstances. 

  • Film Group: The film and fellowship group meets one weeknight a month to discuss film both new and old. If you're a cinephile, this group is right for you. 

  • Saturday Art Club: On Saturday mornings, parishioners gather together for fellowship, art, conversation, and food. You can find the club's projects on display throughout the year in Trinity's parish hall. 

  • Book Group: For several decades now, Trinity folks and friends have gathered each month at private homes to discuss a book they have read.  Fiction, non-fiction, prize-winners, obscure classics--nothing is off limits for these voracious readers.

  • Parents/Guardians with Young Children Group: Trinity parents get together for book groups, fellowship, and fun. During this time of social distancing, parents check-in with each other via zoom as well as schedule safe get-togethers at local parks. 

  • Art Committee: The Trinity community has long valued the visual arts and over the years, many professional and aspiring artists have called this church their spiritual home. The Arts Committee organizers gallery shows and special arts projects for the parish. 

  • Theology on Tap: Theology on Tap seeks to create a “low pressure” environment for conversations about faith, ethics, politics, and life today. Tap theologians meet at Schlafly's' in Maplewood. 

Check the News and Events tab for information about when and where the above groups are meeting next. 

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