Lent 2020 at Trinity. Sign up Early. Sing up Often.


Traditionally, Lent is the season of the church year just before Easter when Christians take on special spiritual devotions. These devotions can include taking on a new prayer practice, the study of scripture, self-discipline (giving something up), and/or being more intentional about putting faith into practice. Below is a smattering array of Lenten devotions available at Trinity this year. Most of them require pre-registration and a minimum quorum for viability. You may register online or via an old fashioned sign up on the bulletin board at the back of the church.


Registration for all opportunities ends on February the 26th (Ash Wednesday). So sign up early!


Questioning Jesus: A Lenten Journey


This Lent, you are invited to question Jesus. Don’t worry, it’s not blasphemy. Throughout the Gospels, people ask Jesus questions about eternal life, paying taxes, when to take revenge, and who qualifies as a neighbor. These questions aren’t simply “religious” or “spiritual” but have practical implications for the lives of real people. Real people like you. So, as part of your Lenten practice, join the community for fellowship, donuts, and lively discussions about the questions people asked Jesus in the Gospels and how/why they matter today.


This discussion group will be offered two times each week during Lent (starting the week of March 1st through the week of March 29th). Wednesdays at 3:30 PM and Saturdays at 10 AM (both sessions will cover the same material, so no need to go twice a week). The Saturday sessions are particularly suited for folks with small children. Registration is required, and a quorum of at least 10 people is also required. Register by clicking here.


Lenten Discipline “Accountabilibuddies”


Taking on a new spiritual discipline for Lent, like daily prayer and bible study, or giving something up for Lent, like TV or chocolate, is easier and more fulfilling if you’ve got someone keeping you accountable and walking along beside you. If you are taking on a Lenten devotion, sign up here to be assigned a fellow Trinitarian as a Lenten accountabilibuddy. Accountabilibuddies pray for one another daily and check-in with each other at least once a month (via phone, text, email, or in person) to talk about how their Lenten journey and discipline is going. Registration, but no quorum, required. Sign up here.  


The Daily Office Challenge


If you’re looking to add prayer and bible study to your daily routine this Lent, sign up for the Daily Office Lenten challenge. Participants commit to, with God’s help, pray both Morning and Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer every day for the entirety of Lent (approx. 30 min a day time commitment). This challenge is especially suited for folks who are new to the Anglican tradition or who want to deepen their awareness of Anglican spirituality. Participants also attend a Daily Office tutorial on Sunday March the 1st after the 10:30 AM service where they will receive a complementary Book of Common Prayer. To register, click here. No quorum required.   


Confirmation Classes 2020


Confirmation classes are designed for folks relatively new to the church who want to learn more about Episcopal theology, biblical approach, liturgy, and spirituality. It is also for young people who have not yet made a mature declaration of faith in front of an Episcopal Bishop. After confirmation class, participants will decided whether or not to proceed with Confirmation and become an official member of the Episcopal Church on May 30th at Christ Church Cathedral. Classes are tentatively scheduled for the follow days (all Saturdays from 1 – 3 PM).


March 21st

April 4th, 18th

May 2nd, 16th


Registration is required, but no quorum. Click here to register.


Lenten Quiet Day April the 4th from 9 AM – 12 PM


You are invited to spend a morning in quiet contemplation and reflection in Trinity’s sanctuary. This year’s theme will focus on action and contemplation as complementary ways of being rather than binary choices. The morning will included guided meditations, spiritual reflections, and plenty of time for quiet prayer. Registration as well as a quorum of 20 is required. Click here to register.


Collecting Medicaid Expansion Signatures as a Lenten Devotion


Missouri has yet to expand Medicaid in the state, leaving thousands of people without access to affordable healthcare coverage and threatening the closure of rural hospitals. We can put an end to this sinful affair by placing Medicaid expansion on the ballet this November and bringing healthcare to our neighbors. Sign up here to commit to collecting signatures for at least two hours each week during Lent. Folks who register will be trained and given suggestions for signature gathering locations and times, but ultimately, it is up to each person to choose when and where signature gathering works best for them. Registration is required as well as a quorum of at least 2. Click here to register.


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