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Weekly Trinity Times

Dec. 27, 2018

UPDATE on Pledge Drive

Trinity is still collecting 2019 financial pledges, so if you have not yet turned your pledge card in, it’s not too late! Thanks to your generosity, we are on target to raising close to $300,000 in pledge income for next year which will shrink our deficient significantly and make this community’s faithful witness to Christ’s love more powerful and sustainable. But we can’t reach that goal without your support. If you have not yet pledged, please prayerfully consider doing so. You can pick up a pledge card at the back of the church and drop it in the offering plate on Sunday morning, or you can contact our parish administer directly with your commitment by phone or email.

Arts Committee

The Arts Committee brings visual arts to Trinity in three ways. First we exhibit artwork of local artists in the Parish Gallery located in the north parish hall. See for descriptions of past exhibits. Next the hallway leading from the Sanctuary to the remaining facilities has been dedicated to the memory of the artists who have been part of the Trinity family over the years.  We call this space the Memorial Gallery, and it is reserved for the work of people with connections to Trinity at any level of talent and love for art. Finally, the Committee creates art projects in collaboration with Trinity members for temporary installations that enhance our worship space.  There is a display documenting these various projects over the years hanging in the back hallway.


The committee meets monthly, with opportunities for further involvement at other times during the year.  You don’t have to be a skilled artist, but just have a love of the visual arts and a willingness to help make things happen. To get involved, contact Jeff Wunrow, committee chair, at 314-327-4200 or  


For other ministries that may be a fit for you, check the Trinity CWE Ministry Directory available in the rack by the Church entrance.

Serving this Sunday
December 30, 2018

The First Sunday after Christmas

8:00 a.m.
Chalice: Carter Whitson
Usher: Bob Emert

10:30 a.m
Deacon: The Rev. Harry Leip
Chalice 1: Brian Alms
Chalice 2: Steven Forsyth
Crucifer: Jeff Goldone
Thurifer: Nancy Emmel
Torches: Cody Burleson, Mike Fowlkes
Reader 1: Bill Mayhan
Reader 2: Hal Morgan
Intercessor: Ted McNamara
Eucharistic Visitor: Lisa Will-Smith
Healing Minister: Mary Seager
Flowers: Ron Tompkins
Ushers: Lisa Carpenter, Cheryl Wobbe
Greeter: Mary Moore
Sacristans: All
Offering Counters: Lisa Carpenter, Michael Shepley
Coffee Hour: Gloria Winston
Monday Bread Pick-Up: Jeremy Logan, Melissa Wobbe
Bread Bagger: Adrienne Fly 
Hot Lunch Provider: St. Francis Episcopal Church
Hot Lunch Innkeeper: Allison Imbriglia

Guest Celebrant and Preacher December 30

The Rev. Clive Samson will celebrate and preach at both services this Sunday, December 30th.

Weekday Holy Day Mass Schedule 
December and January 


12-27-18: St John’s Day @ 6:30 AM
12-28-18: Holy Innocents @ 7:30 AM    

1-1-19: Holy Name @ 7:30 AM
1-18-19: Confession of St. Peter @ 7:30 AM
1-25-19: Conversion of St. Paul @ 7:30 AM 

You can access the weekday and holy day schedule at

Sunday School for Children 

Sunday school for children is on break from December 23rd – January 13th and will resume on January the 20th. Professional childcare will continue to be provided during the 10:30 AM service during this time. 

Adult Christian Education This Sunday  


No adult Christian education this Sunday, December 30. It will resume the following Sunday, January 6.

Saturday Evening Service to Launch on January the 5th 


After several months of planning, deliberating, and test servicing, Trinity’s vestry has decided to move forward on offering a regular Saturday evening service starting in January that will be called The Table at Trinity. The service will take place at 5 PM and will include a Eucharist. The style of the service will be casual and contemplative, with lots of community singing. The Table at Trinity will be offered at least through May 2019, at which time the service will be evaluated and, based on attendance, enthusiasm, and sustainability, a decision will be made on whether or not to continue the service indefinitely. For more information, please visit 

Parish Field Trip for Epiphany Sunday

On Sunday, January 6 - the Trinity community is invited to attend an Epiphany service at historic St. John's Eolia - about half way between St. Louis and Hannibal.  Built in 1856, it is the oldest Episcopal church West of the Mississippi. The church itself was built in the form of a small Greek Revival temple with Gothic Revival detailing and is a historic site - complete with cemetery and manual pump organ.

Details: Leaving Trinity around 1:00pm so we can be there in time for the 3pm service. Please dress warmly - as the church only has wood stoves for heat We will return to Trinity sometime around 6pm.

If you would like to attend, please signup on the sheet near the organ and indicate if you would also like to help drive others.

For additional information, please see this history of the parish by clicking HERE.

Trinity Food Ministry


On the Thursday evening before Christmas, one of the regulars asked if the Pantry would be open during the week of Christmas, and another answered, “You know it won’t be. Barbi wants a break from all us poor people.” I can still hear his voice in my head.

We can argue whether this statement is fair or if we deserve a break. We can state that we would be there if the pantry was open. We can restate the verse that the poor will always be with us as if that excuses us from setting aside the reality that many of us are not as poor as others are. We can even pat ourselves on the back for all the good we do so many days out of the year. We can even claim that being available for others is taxing, emotionally, physically, and maybe even spiritually. All these are truths.

However, before we rest on our laurels, let us remember that just because we remove ourselves from the scene does not mean that the video stops playing. Sadly, there is no pause on poverty and hunger.

Remember Trinity Food Ministry and the people we serve during this week. Remember as you go to the grocery store. Remember as you make your last of the year donations.

But we must also remember this: Being a part of the community means being more than a benevolent benefactor. It means being a part of a group of people with common interests. Make your plans to discover what your common interests are with the many people who visit the South Parish Hall of Trinity Church in the Central West End each week. 

Come. See. Be with us in this new year.

Vestry and Diocesan Convention Delegate Election Process


At the Annual Meeting of Trinity Parish in late January, we will be electing three new members to the Vestry, the governing board of our church. Vestry persons serve a three-year term beginning immediately following the Annual Meeting. Meetings have been monthly at 6:30 on a Thursday. The vestry helps to shape the mission of the church. By canon, the vestry has “charge of the property, attends to and regulates the parish’s temporal concerns, and provides for support of the rector.


The vestry assists the rector in proclaiming the Gospel, the public worship of the congregation, nurture of persons of all ages, alleviation of human suffering and promotion of justice.” 


If you possess leadership qualities and are committed to the mission and ministry of this congregation, we invite you to prayerfully consider running for a seat on the vestry. As you will see on this link to the nomination form, there is an outline of the vestry responsibilities and the requirements for candidates. Don’t hesitate to contact Senior Warden Adrienne Fly or the rector if you wish to discuss this. Nominations must be received by the parish administrator no later than January 8, 2019 for election on January 27, 2019. Please note that we do not accept nominations from the floor.

Trinity Art Club is on vacation until January 19, 2019.

Confirmation/Reception/Re-affirmation/Classes Begin Spring/Lent 2019


If you are interested in being confirmed in the Episcopal Church, reaffirming your faith, or learning more about the spiritual and religious traditions of Anglican Christianity, you are invited to attend 6 classes starting in Lent/Spring of 2019. The exact dates and location have yet to be determined, so stay tuned for more detailed information. You can sign up for classes online at 

Thanks to everyone who helped with Lessons & Carols and our Christmas services.

We keep in our prayers those who are ill or in need
Frank Schottler
Martha Ficklen
Stephen Nichols
Bruce Baldwin
Betsey Gardner
Joyce Daughaday
Jeff Farris

Friends and Relatives:
Pam Burrell, friend of Brian Alms

Susie and Pat Rawlins, dear to Martha Ficklen
Catherine, Destiny, Jessica, Elizabeth, Melinda, Teresa, Jennifer, Jennifer, Brandey, Mecca, Brittany, Jennifer, Patricia, Kailey, Tiffany, Kathleen, Shumanee, Erica, Rita, Britney, Brianna, friends of Mary Taylor
James Milstead, friend of Brian Alms
Marquice Underwood, Sharron Underwood's daughter
Marybel Cova, friend of Jim Andris and Stephen Nichols, recovering from surgery

Donna Eldridge, friend of Jeannette Lehrmann
Young Treyvon and his foster family
Susan Weber, Michael Luebbers' sister
Beverly Ludrick, friend of Mary Seager
Cheryl and Jimmie, friends of Mary Seager
Rosalyn M., friend of Mary Seager
Dee Farris, Jeff Farris' mother
William Boothby, friend of Darrell Berg
Gary Sykes, friend of Hazel Kirk
Tom, Dolores Friesen's brother
Chloe Peistrup, Virginia Benson's cousin, ATV accident
Bill, friend of George Friesen, cancer and failing memory
Rich Fernandez, friend of Kris Zapalac and Jerry Martin, lung cancer
Pat R., friend of Cathy Tierney, bladder and breast cancer

Birthdays: Susie Anderson, Mary Seager, Cathy Strahan, Lisa Carpenter, Glenda Wiman

For the Clergy of the Diocese: The Rev. Teresa Danieley, the Rev. Jean O'Neil

Serving in the Military: Maj. John Worland, deployed to the DMZ in Korea


Trinity is a progressive Episcopal Church where our commitment to the radical gospel of Christ calls us to worship God, welcome the seeker, sustain the faithful, and serve those in need.


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St. Louis, MO 63108

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