Your Pledge Makes a Difference

Please prayerfully consider making a pledge to support Trinity financially in the year 2021. Although we have experienced exile in 2020, we still have hope in God's promises. Your pledge is a sign of that hope and is greatly appreciated by your community.

A pledge is how much money you plan to give to Trinity next year. There are several ways to pay your pledge, and you don't have to pay it all at once. Most folks pay monthly. You can explore all the ways to give by clicking here.  You can find out more about pledging by scrolling down to the pledge FAQs below. 


You can simply fill out the form below and your pledge will be submitted. For a list of pledging FAQs, scroll down below the pledge form. 

Pledge FAQs


What is a financial pledge to Trinity? 


A financial pledge to Trinity is a commitment made, with God’s help, to support Trinity financially in the upcoming calendar year. When you pledge, you are letting Trinity know how much you plan to contribute annually in 2021.


What is the difference between pledging and giving financially to Trinity? 

A pledge is the amount that you are committing to contribute annually to Trinity and is usually made once a year. Financial gifts are any contributions that you make throughout the year. If you made a pledge, your financial contributions are recorded as fulfilments of that pledge.

How do I make a pledge to Trinity? 


You can make a pledge through one of four ways. 


  1. Go to

  2. Send in your pledge card to Trinity at 600 N. Euclid Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

  3. Drop your pledge card off in person at Trinity during a worship service

  4. Call our parish administrator Bill at 314 361 4655


How do I pay my pledge?


You can pay your pledge in several ways including by check, debit/credit card, stocks, text messaging, and automatic withdrawal from your bank account. You can even set up monthly recurring charges. You can set up your preferred payment method at


How much should I pledge? 


There aren’t any minimums or maximum pledging amounts. Whether you pledge 5 dollars a month or 5,000 dollars a month, your generosity is appreciated. All gifts are valued, as are all parishioners. What you pledge to give is up to you, but the decision should be made prayerfully and in consultation with people you love and trust. 


Why is pledging important? 


Pledging helps Trinity assess its financial resources and plan for the upcoming year. The process of deciding to pledge can also help parishioners make intentional choices about their giving habits. 

Can I give to Trinity without pledging? 


Of course. We understand that some folks might not feel like they can make a pledge commitment, especially if they are unsure of what their financial situation might be next year. All gifts and donations are appreciated, and you can find ways to give at 


Do I have to pay my pledge all at once? 


No. You choose the frequency of giving. You can give the entire amount all at once, but most folks give weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You can give at whatever rate you desire. You can even set up monthly recurring payments. Learn more at


Can I change my pledge amount? 


Yes. You are welcome to adjust your pledge at any time, either up or down. 


What does my pledge pay for? 


Your pledge goes towards Trinity’s General Church fund. This fund pays for salaries, liturgical costs, building maintenance, church school, music, and other operational and ministry expenses. 


Can I give/pledge to a specific ministry at Trinity? 


There are three primary funds that parishioners give to at Trinity. These include the General Church fund, the Trinity Food Ministry fund, and the Rector’s Discretionary fund. On occasion, Trinity sets up special funds for special projects (capital campaign, building fund, etc.) You can give to any of Trinity’s funds/campaigns through our website at or by check. Your annual pledge, however, is automatically directed to the general parish fund unless otherwise specified. 


Do I have to pledge to Trinity? 


Pledging is not a requirement to be a Trinity parishioner, and financial contributions are not the only form of Christian generosity. We give our time. We give our talent. We give our prayers. We give our presence. And we give to each other the love of Christ shared in fellowship. You are invited to give as you are able. 

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