Marking our Days as Holy

One of the first things listed in the Book of Common Prayer is the liturgical calendar of saints and Holy Days. This means keeping the calendar is pretty important. It's a counter-cultural practicing of marking our days as holy, a practice that redeems time as sacred and connects us with our ancestors in the faith.

Over the past few months, keeping time has changed drastically for many of us. What was once commute time is now log onto zoom time. What was once weekend time, has now blurred into an unbroken haze of at-home time. What was once get your kids ready for school time, is now juggle 100 different responsibilities at once time. What was once go to church time, is now sit in-front of Facebook live time. If all this tie disruption has made you a little frazzled, try taking on the practice of marking time as sacred by paying attention to the rhythms of the Christian calendar.

If you need a little help, simply text the word "calendar" to (314) 462-2069 and you will receive Holy Day notifications from Trinity that will include links to video reflections by Trinity clergy on the particular Holy Day.

Keep strong. Keep the faith. Keep the Calendar.

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