Trinity E-Times 6-3-2020

June Pastoral Care Visits, At-Home Communion, and Small Gatherings Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As it was announced last week, it is still too risky to resume our usual activities at church. The Vestry and I are continuing to monitor conditions and to assess use of our facilities. This update details some of the work-arounds we agree will begin to soften the blow.

In-Person Worship It breaks our hearts that we are not able to worship together as we are accustomed. As Covid cases and hospitalizations decline in the metro area and testing becomes more widely available, we will begin relaxing the rules under guidance from the Diocese. Here’s what we can do now:

With my approval from this week on, we can hold small gatherings of 10 or fewer masked and socially distanced people for memorial services, special anniversaries, weddings and the like in our Memorial Garden or Euclid Avenue parking lot. Please, contact me to arrange any services like these.

In any regards, we will continue virtual worship and daily prayers for the foreseeable future.

Pastoral Visits and Home Communion I am always available to make pastoral visits to parishioners who request one. Additionally, I will offer Consecrated Bread, but no wine, to those requesting it. I only ask that all visits last less than 20 minutes and take place outside with 10 or fewer masked and socially distanced people. I will sanitize all communion vessels in everyone’s sight. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact me at (314) 619 4216 or

It is important, though, that everyone requesting and attending a pastoral visit must not have experienced any Covid-19 symptoms or precautions:

• Cough • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • Fever, chills, or muscle pain • Sore throat • New loss of taste or smell • Been around anyone with the above symptoms or had contact with a COVID positive individual

Susie and I are expecting a baby soon, and we really want him to arrive healthy and safe. I want everyone in attendance to be healthy and safe, too. Please know that I am praying for each of you, and I hope you’re praying for me, We’ll get through this, Jon+ Fr. Jon’s Response to Trump’s Misuse of the Bible Check out Fr. Jon’s video response to Trump’s recent trip to St. John’s Lafayette Square. You can find it by clicking here. Thanks Jeff Wunrow for His Service to the Trinity Community For the past several years, Jeff Wunrow has served as the chair of Trinity’s communications committee. This month, he is stepping down from that position. Jeff will continue his work with the Parish Gallery where local artists and parishioners showcase their creativity in the North Parish Hall and beyond. Thank you Jeff for your hard work and dedication to Trinity. Not only have you served faithfully on the communications team, the vestry (junior warden), and numerous task forces, you also help foster the relationship between Trinity and the art community. Your dedication has, and will continue to, enrich our community life. Again, thank you. Say Their Names Vigil Tonight, you are invited to participate in a candlelit vigil in remembrance of those killed by white supremacy. Information is below. Please wear a mask. 

New Trinity Website Check out our newly designed website at There you will find links to online services, Trinity news and events, and a new blog. It’s Not Always Black and White to Feature Bishop-Elect Deon Johnson Be sure to tune into “It’s Not Always Black and White” with Fr. Jon and Rev. Rogers this Saturday at 5 PM. This week’s show will feature bishop-elect Deon Johnson and will focus on President Trump’s recent visit to St. John’s Lafayette Square. You can find the show on our facebook page at Godly Play and Tuesday Sunday School Virtual Godly Play and Tuesday Sunday School are going on summer break for the month of June. 

Online Worship, Prayer, Religious Education, and Fellowship Schedule • Weekly o Daily Compline (Facebook) o Daily Virtual Prayer (recorded on Soundcloud)   o Tuesday Morning Eucharistic Adoration @ 7:30 AM (Facebook) o Tuesday Parishioner Check-In @ 5:30 PM (Zoom. Link on website) o Wednesday Contemplative Prayer @ 5:30 PM (Facebook) o Thursday Morning Prayer @ 6:30 AM (Facebook. Followed by fellowship via zoom) o Thursday Parishioner Check-In @ 2:00 PM (Zoom. Link on website) o Friday Parishioner Check-In @ 10:00 AM (Zoom. Link on website) o Saturday Its Not Always Black and White @ 5:00 PM (Facebook)

• Sunday o Liturgy, hymns, and sermon @ 10:30 AM (Facebook) o Coffee Hour after 10:30 AM service (Zoom. Link on website)

Trinity Food Ministry

Our take from Whole Foods this week was not as abundant as last week’s! This is a good thing because this week, being the first week of the month, is proving to be a slow one. Overall, the meals seem to be declining somewhat also. 

I believe the reason for these things are good reasons. Large food give-aways by groups and individual people reaching out to do what they can have made this a better time than it might have been.

The meals are lessening, I believe, because there are more shelters open. These provide meals. One group of shelters is City Hope StL which we provided chicken and greens to last week. All in all, it is particularly good. People are receiving the food that they need.

Sunday Hot Lunch continues to rock on steady, serving anywhere from 75 – 100 people each time. Last Sunday was the 5th Sunday which means St Francis’ Eureka served fried chicken! 100 people were served with no leftovers!

Trinity’s vestry left up to me, as manager, the decision whether and when to provide a limited opening for the Pantry. While we have a Phase 1 plan ready to implement, I made the decision that we need to wait for June to pass before making that decision. If the numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to decrease, it is likely we will have a limited opening in July. We are erring on the side of caution, not fear; to keep our people (volunteers and community) safe. 

A note to all those who have the best intentions and interests of the people in their hearts: We cannot take unsolicited clothing currently. Please do not bring items to Trinity unless these have been solicited. The methods of offering these gifts are extremely limited. 

In addition, please do not leave donations (solicited or otherwise) outside the doors. Food creates a rodent problem, it is now too hot, and people create a mess as they look through the goods. 

What we do need and are soliciting: Peanut butter – creamy, all sizes. (many people have teeth issues, no crunchy please) Canned chicken Box cereal – all sizes BELTS – men’s belts in good repair, cloth or leather T-shirts – Medium, Large and Extra Large Bar soap; Toilet tissue; Paper towels

I appreciate your support. It has been simply phenomenal. However, we are limited on what we can and cannot do at this time. The main thing that remains the same is that people are receiving food. All else has been seriously altered. These are the times of great change. Another unchangeable – I simply love this community. Seriously. 

Love always; always Love. Deacon Barbi, TFM Manager

Sunday Hot Lunch: 100 Pantry: 38 Individuals 60 Meals 

Happy Birthday to Trinity! With Trinity Sunday upon us, we have a chance once more to give thanks for our parish – and the generations of Trinitarians who have called Trinity their spiritual home.  Although we will not be able to celebrate as we’ve done in the past, we wanted to take some time to recognize that this year marks our 165th anniversary as a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri.  During our founding year in 1855, there were only 31 states who had been admitted to the Union (Minnesota and Oregon would be added a few years later), the Dred Scott decision would be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court two years later and the Missouri Botanical Garden would open its doors 4 years later.  

We would be amiss if we also did not thank those parish historians from the past who took the time to document our history.  We give thanks to Elizabeth B. Platt, who wrote our first history edition (1855-1955) and to Charlotte V. Brown who wrote the second installment (1955-1975).  We also give thanks to Martha K. Baker and Etta Taylor (our current archivist) for their diligent work researching and editing the latest installment (1975-2005).  Through their hard work and dedication – we not only have facts & figures of our parish – but we have precious stories which tell the tales of a parish – who found diverse ways to witness to the Gospel and to serve the Metro St. Louis area.

To celebrate our 165th year, Etta has kindly agreed to share some stories from the archives (those stories known and unknown) with us.  Look for these installments for the next few weeks in the Trinity eTimes. And for those wanting a refresher, you can find all 3 editions of our parish history on our website at, under the “About” link at the top of the page.

Summer Camp Summer Camp for 2020 which was planned for the last week of July is cancelled.  However, we will  purchase school supplies and fill 48 backpacks which we will offer to our summer camp alumni and neighborhood children. If you are able to contribute to this effort send your check to the church with a ‘Summer Camp’ message.  With God’s grace, Summer Camp 2021 will happen! Prayer List Anglican Communion: For La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico, the Most Rev. Francisco Moreno; Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop; Wayne Smith, Bishop of Missouri; Deon Johnson, Bishop-Elect of Missouri; Steven Dokolo, Bishop of the Diocese of Lui. Diocese of Missouri: For the people and ministry of Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Poplar Bluff, and Annette, their Rector. We keep in our prayers those who are ill or in need Denver Wright Gwen Sims Frank Schottler The Rev. David K. Fly Bekka Hughes Dorothy Becvar Barbara Bradshaw Charlene Wright Martha Ficklen Stephen Nichols Bruce Baldwin Betsey Gardner Jeff Farris Friends and Relatives: Clifford Drummond, friend of Carter Whitson John Ziebold, Nan Sweet’s brother, recuperating from COVID-19 in Denver Karen, friend of Robin Morgan, healthcare professional who has contracted COVID-19 Mitchell Shuldiner, friend of Brian Alms, COVID-19 infection Cindy Shuldiner, friend of Brian Alms, recurrence of breast cancer Rosanda Richards-Ellsworth, friend of Jim Andris, several broken bones from fall Friends and family of Torry Smith, who died Monday, family friend of the Daughadays Everlena Stark Sandy Trimble, mother of Jacob Trimble, chronic health issue Pat R., friend of Catherine Tierney, bladder cancer Helen Hayes, Anne Hennig’s sister Hilla Elkind, friend of Mary Seager, heart failure Meira, Darrell Berg’s granddaughter Judy Beuse, Stephen Nichols’ sister Trinity Food Ministry and its volunteers Birthdays: Kit Curtis, Jonathan Steinke. For the Clergy of the Diocese: The Rev. Dayna Jewson, The Rev. David K. Fly, The Rev. Dawn-Victoria Mitchell, the Rev. Teresa Danieley, the Rev. Jan O'Neil. Serving in the Military: Maj. John Worland, serving at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

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