Those who say "yes" to God change the world

Trinity Stewardship Campaign 2022 

This year’s fall stewardship theme at Trinity is “Saying yes to God;” yes to God’s call; yes to God’s community; and yes to generosity.

One of the most powerful examples of saying yes to God comes from St. Mary. We all know the story. The angel Gabriel shows up at Mary’s door nine to ten months before the first Christmas. He tells her God’s plan. Mary says yes. The world is never the same. But in between the knock and the yes something important happens. Mary takes a minute. She takes a minute to ask questions. She takes a minute to voice her uncertainties. She takes a minute to make sure she heard God correctly. In other words, she takes a minute to discern before she says yes. 

Please join the holy work of building the beloved community at Trinity by saying yes to making a financial pledge for 2022. Everyone can say yes, and God uses every yes, whether it’s $5 a month or $5,000 a month, to help change someone’s life through the work and ministry of Trinity,  


But before you say yes, you are invited to follow Mary's example and take a minute to discern. You might try taking the following questions into prayer. 


  • When has God asked you to say yes?

  • When has saying yes to God changed your world? 

  • How have you witnessed God’s generosity during these difficult times? 

  • In what ways is God asking you to grow in generosity? 

  • How is God calling you to practice generosity at and through the Trinity community? 

You can make your pledge online by filling out the form below. 

Thank you for saying yes to God with your generosity and making a pledge to Trinity. 

Pledge FAQs


What is a financial pledge to Trinity? When you make a pledge, you are letting the parish leadership know how much you intend to give to Trinity during a calendar year. 


Can’t I just give to the church without making a pledge? Yes, but making a pledge helps the parish leadership team build the budget and make informed financial decisions. 


Do I have to wait until the fall pledge drive, or can I make a pledge anytime? You can make a pledge anytime during the year. Just know that your pledge is for the calendar year stated on the pledge card. For example, if you fill out a 2022 pledge card in July 2022, only put the amount of money on the card that you intend to give to Trinity from that point until the end of December. 


Do I have to pay my pledge all at once? No. You can make payments toward your pledge at whatever rate is most convenient for you.


How can I pay my pledge? You can pay your pledge by placing cash or check in the offering plate on Sunday morning, sending a check to the church offices, or using our online giving portal. If you use cash, please be sure to put it in an envelope with a note that includes your name. 

Can I change my pledge amount? Yes. Circumstances change and you are welcome to change your pledge amount at any time. To do so, contact our Parish Administrator at