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More than Enough 

Trinity Stewardship Campaign 2023 

“More than enough.” That’s the theme of Trinity’s 2023 Stewardship Campaign. And it’s more than just a theme. It’s a radical affirmation of the abundance of God’s blessings and a counter-cultural claim that there is enough (enough bread and roses) for all of God’s children. 


At Trinity, we practice this claim all the time. Through acts of hospitality and welcome, we proclaim that there is more than enough space in our sanctuary for all sorts and conditions of people. By expanding our Sunday school (we’ve added an additional class and classroom), we proclaim that there is more than enough room in our community for children. When we pray and care for each other, we proclaim that there is more than enough love flowing through our hearts for our siblings, our brothers, and our sisters. When we advocate for a world where love of neighbor is enshrined in public policy, we proclaim that there is more than enough justice and peace for all people. And on Sunday mornings, we proclaim in our worship that there is more than enough truth, beauty, and mercy (not to mention incense) to reconcile us to God and to each other. 


God has given us more than enough; more than enough to love each other and our neighbor. And so, willyou respond to God’s radical abundance with an act of faithful generosity by making a financial pledge to Trinity for 2023? This year our goal is to collect 110 pledges. 


Trinity is a unique parish that values traditional high-church liturgy, service to others, social justice, spaces to belong and to create, and, of course, food that nourishes both the body and the soul. When you pledge to Trinity, you participate in these values and help make them tangible in the world. So please, make your pledge today by filling out the form below. If you have questions about pledging, check out the FAQ sheet below. 


The time, talent, and resources that you so generously share with your parish community is greatly appreciated. God has given us more than enough, and out of that abundance God’s Beloved Community is growing at the corner of Euclid and Washington. 

Pledge FAQs


What is a pledge to Trinity? When you make a pledge, you are letting the parish leadership know how much money you intend to give to Trinity during a calendar year. 


Can’t I just give to the church without making a pledge? Yes, but making a pledge helps the parish leadership team build the budget and make informed financial decisions. 


After I make my pledge, how do I pay it? You can pay by check or cash by dropping your payment in the offering plate on Sunday mornings. If you pay by cash, please use a pledge envelope so that we can credit the payment to your pledge account. You can also send your check through the mail to the parish offices. If you’d like to pay by credit card or automatic withdrawal from your checking account, you can visit You can make one time payments at that site or set up automatic recurring payments. 


Do I have to pay my pledge all at once? No. You can make payments toward your pledge at whatever rate is most convenient for you.


What does my pledge pay for? Your pledge sustains the mission and ministry of the parish by supporting the parish budget. The parish budget includes staff salaries, liturgical supplies, office expenses, Sunday school supplies, building maintenance, etc. 


Does my pledge support Trinity’s Food Ministry? Your pledge does not directly support TFM’s budget. It does, however, help maintain the building that houses TFM. Look for a separate pledge drive for TFM next summer. 


Can I change my pledge amount? Yes. Circumstances change and you are welcome to change your pledge amount at any time. To do so, contact our Parish Administrator at 

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