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The Discernment/Search Committee has been selected! The following people will be commissioned during an upcoming Sunday Mass to work together with the help of the Holy Spirit to call our next rector: Skip Coburn, Jackson Gress, Janice Kasalko, Ida McCall, Willie Meadows, Hal Morgan (vestry representative), Tammy O’Donnell, Mary Patton, Molly Perling, Rachel Steinbrueck, Joyce VonGlahn and Carter Whitson. Please thank the members when you see them and keep them in your prayers.


Transition Prayer

Dear God who shepherds and searches, help us to delight in your will and walk in your ways as we travel our transition path. We see that you are making all things new, and ask for the courage to do our part.

Transition at Trinity

After 8 years of service, Trinity's vibrant and beloved Rector, the Very Rev. Jon Stratton, has accepted a call to serve as the Dean and Rector of The Cathedral Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The congregation sends its gratitude, prayers, and warm wishes along with Jon, Susie, Alice, Frank, and Harry as they make their way on the road to Bethlehem. In the meantime, Trinity's Vestry has begun a prayerful process of transition, involving the appointment of a Transition Committee to conduct the search for its next rector in consultation with the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. 

Graphical representation of the steps in the Rector search process.
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