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Sunday Worship Schedule

8:00 AM & 10:30 AM 

Bible Study 9:30 AM (Sept - May)

Children's Sunday School 10:30 AM (Sept - May)

10:30 AM service live streamed below 

Each service is a little different.

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Trinity is a progressive Episcopal Church where our commitment to the radical gospel of Christ calls us to worship God, welcome the seeker, sustain the faithful, and serve those in need.


Trinity is a community. As a community we pray and study scripture together. We learn, grow, and play together. We celebrate and eat together.  We support and care for one another, and we share the love of Jesus with each other and our world. 


Trinity is Anglo-Catholic. That means that our worship is rooted in the ancient traditions of the church. We chant our prayers, use incense, bells, and colorful vestments, observe the Holy Days in our church calendar, and enjoy beautiful choral music.​ But most of all, it means we believe that Jesus is found in the Bread and Wine at Communion, as well as among the people, especially the poor and vulnerable.


Sunday LIvestream Mass

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Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are based on scripture, the traditions of the Church, our God given ability to reason, and our lived experiences.


Our Worship

Our worship is traditional Anglo-Catholic, but not stuffy, exclusive, or uninviting. All are welcome to worship. All are invited to the table. 

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Core Values

The Trinity community consists of people from a diversity of backgrounds. Christ's love binds us together, and we share that love with friend and neighbor.

Medical Debt Forgiveness Campaign

"In Jesus' very first sermon, he says that his mission is to release people from captivity," said the Very Rev. Jon Stratton, Dean of the Emery Washington Convocation and Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in St. Louis. "Anytime folks in the biblical context talk about releasing the oppressed, it almost always includes the release of debt. Real financial debt, not just vague overly spiritualized notions of debt on account of an accumulation of sin or personal moral failures. I figure that if this was a good project for Jesus, then it's probably a good project for us."

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Together, we can abolish over $2,000,000 of medical debt. Click to join the campaign..png

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