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The arts at trinity

2006 Stations of the Cross


Station 1

Jesus is Condemned to Death

Alexah Strongheart


"The items that make up Jesus in this piece come from two places: items I received from folks at Trinity, a community that makes up the person of Jesus to me (the razor handle came from Michael Sampson, a golf tee from Charlie Watts, a cabinet handle from Jeff Wunrow, the hair and beard come from scraps of Harry Leip and Ed Riedel’s tile porch, miscellaneous items came from Anne Kelsey and Jim Pfaff), and items from off the side of the road – the stranger – yet another part of the person of Jesus." 


Station 2

Jesus Takes Up His Cross

Marjorie Hoeltzel


"Using my medium of recycled neckties, stitched into wall hangings and quilts, I dedicate this piece to the memory of Michael Sampson on the anniversary of his death (January 20, 2005), and whose neckties were used to create the background of this piece." 


Station 3

Jesus Falls the First Time

Michael Simbeck


"I choose this style because I use it quite often. I have been trying for years to find a way to incorporate church into my art. I felt that modernizing this piece would make it hit closer to home and let people see that we have not changed. We still ignore the needy. We walk by the homeless on the street. We pay no attention to those in need. So why haven’t we learned?" 


Station 4

Jesus Meets His Afflicted Mother

Billie Harris


"The fourth station of the cross shows Jesus greeting his mother. I sought to create an image that captured the power of that moment, the intimacy that exists between mother and son despite the presence of the cross between them." 


Station 5

The Cross is Laid on Simon Cyrene

Gilbert Fisher


"I think of Simon willingly taking up the cross. Simon being from current-day Libya, I wanted to tie the piece to race relations. Thus, the use of black and white with shades of gray, as well as the large variety of stitches used. The colors show we come in different shades, are connected, and come together to share in the Passion. In God’s sight we are all the same."


Station 6

Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Julien Worland


"Moved by compassion, a woman steps from the crowd watching Jesus, taking her veil to wipe His face. My thoughts were drawn to the moment of her astonishment, discovering Jesus had rewarded her kindness by transferring his image to her veil. From dozens of available paintings, I selected this one because it depicted Jesus looking into Veronica's eyes, thinking of her and not His own ordeal."


Station 7

Jesus Falls a Second Time

Kate Worland


"In thinking about this station, I wanted to put ourselves and our daily lives into it. Jesus' cross is the burden of our circumstances, problems, and sins. He falls, but rises again to redeem our lives as individuals and as a community."


Station 8

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Tom Weber


"I hope to help people see things differently with my photography. I took liberties by changing several elements in the sculptor's original work. However, I hope the overall effect is to help people better appreciate the beauty of his work and the power of this station."


Station 9

Jesus Falls a Third Time

Patsy Degener


"My son’s photo of a parade in Brunswick, Maine, on Good Friday led me to create a contemporary version of the subject. In art history, such versions of biblical stories go back centuries. In the Renaissance, artists used local models in contemporary dress and even local landscapes to illustrate the Christian story. What is more contemporary than a supermarket parking lot?"


Station 10

Jesus is Stripped of His Clothes

Jeff Wunrow


"I wanted to suggest the rough way that Jesus’ garments were torn away from his body; and I want viewers to see themselves as part of the crowd that was responsible for that, but hopefully, to also look deeper and see a bit of Christ’s divinity in themselves."


Station 11

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Steve Turner


"The passage from Lamentations 1 comes to mind in thinking about the nailing of Jesus to the cross: “Is it nothing to you, all ye who pass by? Behold and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow…” While these words had meaning to Jeremiah as he saw Jerusalem sacked and destroyed, they have meaning to us today as we look upon Jesus nailed to the cross. Viewers are asked to reflect on the meaning of this cruel event as they see their faces in the mirrored glass."


Station 12

Jesus Dies on the Cross

Ruth-Elizabeth Gardner


"My aim was to interpret the biblical description of "giving up the ghost." If you were at the Crucifixion, could you see the godhood bursting the bonds of the ruined physical body of Christ?"


Station 13

The Body of Jesus is Placed

in the Arms of His Mother

Ted Jackson


"Sometimes the most agonizing part of losing a loved one is that the world seems to continue without him or her. I wanted to focus on the emotional chaos Mary probably endured seeing her son's body placed in her arms, but to show how she might have taken comfort in the fact that through His life she was able to experience directly and vividly the God who created sun, moon, stars, and every living thing."


Station 14

Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

The Rev. Anne H. Kelsey


"The elements that are associated with the dread of death are incorporated into the tomb – black darkness, the stench of decay, and creatures of the earth. Jesus the creator returns to the creation, which receives his body tenderly. Yet resurrection happens from the tomb, as the nut breaks open the shell, and the morning sun rises over the Dead Sea."

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